I'm a Graphic Designer, a Pixel Wrangler… I'm a compulsive organizer & arranger by nature.
I've been at it since the days of exacto knives, ruling pens & drawing boards. Of course when
digital technology arrived late in the last century, making "Adobe" into a household word,
I adopted the computer as my tool of choice. Today, I continue to explore the ever receding
horizons of what is possible with ink on paper & pixels on a screen.

I began my career in 1972 (no, that's not a typo!) when I graduated from California State University @ Los Angeles with a degree in Graphic Design. I have been fortunate to work for both large multinational corporations & mom 'n' pop start-ups. The work I design is FOR my customers, for their market & for their audience… I do not try to impose my "stamp" or my style, since I believe the message is primary & the designer should be virtually invisible.


Some of the clients I have been privileged to work with include: Microsoft, Nintendo, Peterbilt, Kenworth,
Eddie Bauer, Teledyne, Classic Chemical, Northern Telecom, SafeCo, Dolan Lighting Designs,
Boise Cascade, Dames & Moore Engineering, to name just a few…


Job titles from past employment include: Art Director, Senior Art Director, Creative Director, That Paste-Up Guy
in the Art Department… & "Hey You!" For the past 20 years I've been working "freelance" & as Art Director for
a small ad agency in Bellevue, WA.


Experience: Print Advertising, Web Objects, Direct Mail, Annual Reports, Book Design, Collateral, Packaging, 
Logo Design, Photo Direction, Photo Editing, & Print Management.


I am by nature an observer and designer who has put my natural penchant for organizing & arranging things
to good use for several decades. I'm still at it. Maybe we can do some nice things together.
Click that "CONTACT" button (it's up there on the right) & let's get started!

​Mark Plummer…

Edgartown, MA (The Republic of Martha's Vineyard) & New York, NY